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For years, I struggled with paperwork of all kinds!  In fact, my whole family seems to struggle with this.  I never knew what to keep, where to file it, what I needed to shred, and generally what to do with all of the paperwork that flooded into my home daily!  Then, I was introduced to the Sunday Basket and little by little, my struggle turned to organizing paperwork like a boss and increasing my productivity tenfold!  

At Passionately Productive, we aim to help you tackle your paper clutter and earn time back weekly so you can spend your time how you would prefer to.  You will no longer be looking in every room and in every pile for that one paper you need!

The Sunday Basket will:

  • Keep all incoming and active paperwork in one place

  • Create a routine of processing your paperwork weekly

  • Plan your upcoming week for ultimate productivity

  • Free brain space from the constant running mental to-dos

  • Teach you efficient paper organization systems

  • Save you time, money, and frustration

To purchase a Sunday Basket and receive a discounted workshop, send an email by clicking below.


To schedule a workshop or one-one session to set up/work through your Sunday Basket, click below.  We can't wait to work with you!

*Workshops and classes will be added soon!  Check back or email with any questions.

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Choose from many different colors to match your style and home decor!

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